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Tomato Mountain Newsletter - Week 20 | Summer Week 2

Posted 7/12/2017 5:56pm by Jason.
Whats in the box?! 
(Sorry, no box pic this week, internet was down at farm due to the weather)
The weather sure has been something this past week. Hot during the day, but very wet and cooler at night. We are seeing more tomatoes coming online but the cool nights are not helping ripen them up as fast as we'd like.
Having these huge rains can be a little bit challenging too. It makes it difficult to work in the fields as you just sink into the wet soil. This also compresses the soil and squeezes oxygen out of the ground, which is not helpful. We use the hoop houses to control some of the moisture, and they do help a lot.  But the plants are still planted directly into the ground, not in raised beds or anything like that. Can't do much about repeated storms bringing 1 1/2 - 2 inches of rain - the ground becomes saturated.  When the plants get this wet they tend to put their energy into getting tall, which means less energy is going to fruit production.  Too much moisture can also lead to disease.
We had hoped it would be this week, but beginning next week there will be tomatoes in every CSA share. And they will be in each share for the remainder of the summer season and potentially into the first week or so of the fall season. We will be bringing a limited amount of sungolds and juliets to this weekends farmers markets.
We will be expanding our offerings from our partner farms, especially fruits. A ton of you got in on the blueberries from Mick Klug this week, and man... They are so good! They will be available for the next 5 weeks or so. I am hoping to add raspberries and maybe peaches for next week. 
Would any of you be interested in ordering sweet corn when it becomes available? 
Brian & The Tomato Mountain Farm Team 

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