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Update On Deliveries & A Message From Chris

Posted 7/13/2017 1:31pm by Jason.
Dear members,
We are, once again, chugging along! Chris just left the farm and should be here at around 3:30p with all the CSA boxes. We are essentially doubling all of our routes, making 6 out of the 10 normal routes, and making all the deliveries today. We'll be starting around 4PM this afternooon and hope to wrap up around 4-5AM. 
So many of you wrote notes of encouragement and appreciation, from all of us, thank you! It's great to hear, especially when it feels like we're causing you so much inconvenience.  
I'll be driving one of these routes and away from my email until we're done - I know a bunch of you have messages into me... I will get to them asap tomorrow. I scanned them for anything that seemed urgent and replied in kind - If I missed your message and you need to get a hold of me please don't hesitate to reach out on my cell - 312-607-5553.
A message from Chris:
Last night turned into a nightmare when the radiator hose in our delivery truck blew a hole 50 miles from the farm. We were able to get to a mechanic to locate the coolant leak to diagnose the problem, but it was impossible to locate a new hose immediately.
It would take me a few pages to outline all the crazy possibilities and scenarios we put together to try to figure out how to get the boxes to Chicago last night. It was not possible. The saving grace for the produce on the truck is that we were able to get a very temporary patch on the radiator hose, get the truck back to the farm, and get the produce in the cooler before anything went to bad.
As much as this is a huge stain on us, and an significant inconvenience for our customers, I can say two good things. First, everyone here worked very hard, until 2:15 am, to solve the problem and get the produce down to the city. Nobody at the farm makes more than $15/hr, and 6 of us worked together all night to solve the problem. Nobody got any extra pay, and nobody was obligated to get out of bed try to fix the problem. Secondly, and very much related, we learned a lot about our team and how strongly it is held together. It’s been awhile since we’ve had this many employees, team players, who are willing to do whatever it takes, whenever it’s necessary, to meet our obligations as a farm.
I’m going to let Brian, the main man in Chicago that most of you know, figure out and decide that. He’s been burning the candle on all three ends lately dealing with this or that disaster. Oh yeah, that reminds me… The cooler in Chicago, that we use to hold CSA boxes and farmers market produce, broke down yesterday. That is on Brian’s plate too. If any of you talk or communicate with Brian soon, thank him for me. He’s been doing some crazy 18 hour days, at all hours, lately.   Chris

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