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SNEAK PEEK - Week 21 | Summer Week 3

Posted 7/17/2017 2:47pm by Business Manager.
Whats in the box?! 
Our featured item this week is cabbage!  I found this Martha Stewart Roasted Cabbage Wedges recipe ages ago and make it all the time. I like to play around with it... It says to use caraway or fennel seeds, and that is really good... I'll skip that sometimes and use a little bit of toasted sesame seed, a little toasted sesame oil and soy sauce. You can also add coarsely chopped garlic to it. You can really do whatever seasoning you like, just follow the cooking instructions. 
Whats available in our store this week?
This week we have:

Cabbage (Green & Red)
Red Russian Kale
Lacinato Kale
Potted Lavender Plants
Potted Rosemary Plants
White Onions
Notes this week...
What a week! We ended up getting all the shares delivered and all ended well. So many of you took the time to write notes of understanding and offered assistance, we truly appreciate it.
I had hoped to add some more items to the store but it kind of took a back burner to the challenges we had. Sweet corn got a huge yes vote, so as soon as I can order it I will let all of you know
Given the warm overnight temps we have coming it really is best if you are able to leave out a cooler for your delivery. A few hours on a humid summer night make greens go limp in a hurry. They'll usually still be fine to eat but won't last as long as if they were kept cool. Be mindful of the size cooler you leave out too - As I was doing deliveries the other day I came across a few pretty small coolers that I couldn't really fit much in, especially if they also ordered blueberries or other additional items. We'll do the best we can with what you leave for us, that may mean that the lid won't be all the way closed or the bag won't be all the way zipped, don't want to smash anything. 
Brian & The Tomato Mountain Farm Team 

Photo(s) added: Mick Klug Farms AsparagusJune 6th, 2018

New photo added:

Spring Sign-Up Reminder AND New Products In Store!March 19th, 2018

Hi everybody! Hope you're all enjoying the tasty produce from last week's shares. We're glad we were able to give you more of our famous spinach these week! And there's lots more coming your way...&nb

Sign up for Spring 2018 CSA Membership!March 19th, 2018

Hello members, past and present, Our spring membership begins this April and we're on track for a great season! We are really hoping you will join us with a Spring Membership!    Spring

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