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Tomato Mountain Newsletter - Week 29 | Summer Week 11 + FALL SEASON PREVIEW - SINGUP NOW!

Posted 9/13/2017 5:15pm by Business Manager.
Whats in the box?! 
9/11/2017 CSA NEWSLETTERIt’s back to summer with lots of warm weather in store for much of the rest of the month. The cool down that just ended was perfect as it gave us to catch up on tomato harvesting and carrot weeding. The weeds would otherwise have overwhelmed the carrots, and many tomatoes would have rotted in the field.
And the dry pattern we’re in has allowed for a slight revival of our field peppers. I basically wrote them off a month ago as the plants looked horrible, and there were next to no fruits of even flowers (which lead to fruits) on the plants. Our most durable, cool tolerant varieties have bounced back somewhat, and provided a modest harvest. There will be peppers in the box this week, probably next week, and likely a few weeks after that as well. We’re relieved and excited to have a decent end of the season. It looked for awhile like a complete crop failure.
As you’ll notice, the peppers and their stems have a few blemishes which show the wear and tear of a tough season. Even so, they are solid and firm with good flavor. We’ll be careful to pick them with some color for better and sweeter flavor, but not fully colored, which would reduce their shelf life too much.
The torpedo onions in the box are on the verge of sprouting. They are not a long storage onion, and so should be used quickly. Be sure to keep them in the fridge, no bag necessary, to keep them in the best condition possible. Try to use them up in the next week or two, before they sprout. Even if they do sprout, they’re ok to use, but for best flavor, get to them sooner than later.
Our fall share is right around the corner and our fall crops look great, both in the field and in the hoops.  The aforementioned carrots will be in the box by the end of October. We planted so many this year that we’ll have to harvest them over a 6 week period, and give out as many as possible as early as we can. Still, we’ll have exactly the challenge we want- to have to figure out how to get the carrots in the cooler.
We’ll also have a good crop of beets this year. While our late fall harvest carrots are amazingly sweet, the beets top the charts for sugar content. You probably know that regular table sugar can be, and often is, produced from beets. Just like carrots, when beets are exposed to cold fall weather and freezes, they develop incredible flavor and sweetness. We love these fall crops that get better and better as the weather gets colder. We’ll also have Beauty Heart Radishes, which are also wonderfully sweet when harvested late in fall.
Field broccoli looks great, and there’s lots of it. You’ll see broccoli in the box starting the first week of October, when the fall share starts. This year’s cauliflower crops look very nice too. Our kale, chard, collard greens, cabbage, and bok choi are all in good shape and should be plentiful until freeze up, which usually doesn’t happen in earnest until late October. Lettuce will be in good supply from now through October.
Even tomatoes and peppers will linger into the fall season this year. The resurgence of our pepper plants, and the warmer drier weather we’re having now, means we’ll have peppers into October. The cooler weather we just had slowed tomatoes down a tad, but left some extra life/harvest in them that will extend the tomato harvest into October.  
Oh yeah, our winter squash planting looks great. We’ve got a nice planting of acorn and butternut squash, some of which we’ll give out between October and the end of the fall season, and some of which we’ll roast, blend, vacuum pack and freeze for the winter share. The warm and dry weather we’ve having now is perfect for ripening up these squash.
All in all, it should be a great fall season. If you are a sustaining, or full-year member, you are all set for the fall season. If you are a seasonal member, you may "Update Your Membership" and add the fall season to your account. If you have any questions, please email us at, Brian will be able to assist with any questions you have.  We’re looking forward to it and hoping our CSA membership grows. We hope you’ll tell your friends and maybe even get a few of them to sign up. 

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