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Update on deliveries - We are up and running!

Posted 11/9/2017 12:57pm by Business Manager.

Hey again, members! 

I wanted to update all of you on how things are going, so far we are further along than we anticipated. We were able to get all of the shares to Chicago and started deliveries about an hour ago. 

For those of you who receive deliveries on Thursday afternoons / evenings, and those of you in our "Zone C" (most of the suburbs) that receive deliveries overnight on Thursdays... Your deliveries will not be affected by any delays. You can expect your delivery today (or overnight tonight) as usual.

For those of you who receive deliveries on Wednesday night, overnight (your share is usually waiting for you on Wednesday mornings)...

If you live South of Addison and East of Interstate 90, and / or South of Grand Ave, your shares will be delivered today / tonight. 

If you live West of Interstate 90 and / or North of Addison, your shares will be delivered tomorrow morning / afternoon. 

This is about 95% accurate. There are a few addresses (around the edges of the borders stated above - Avondale for instance) that do not fit into those parameters. 

If you reached out to me about a specific circumstance (going out of town, receiving your share in time for Sabbath, etc), I have taken care of all those requests. 

I hope this isn't to confusing. If you have any questions about where your delivery stands, or when it will be made, please do not hesitate to reach out. I will be out on deliveries but I do have mobile access. It would be best to text me at 312-607-5553. Please include your first and last name and I will respond as quickly as possible. 

Thank you all so much for your understanding, it is appreciated.


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