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Tomato Mountain Newsletter - Week 38 | Fall Week 8 + MUSHROOMS OPEN FOR THANKSGIVING ORDERS

Posted 11/15/2017 5:42pm by Business Manager.
 11/13/2017 CSA NEWSLETTER
Whats in the box?! 
LETTUCE, CHINESE (NAPA) CABBAGE, BUTTERNUT SQUASH, RED ONION, SHUNKYO RADISHES (medium and large shares will receive broccoli) 
While I do have a pretty high stress threshold compared to most, and do well with a good amount of excitement, the truck breaking down last Wednesday night is not exactly the kind of excitement I thrive on. We were able to successfully (mostly) get a rental truck, load everything from our broken down truck to the rental, and get things delivered. I made a mistake or two on my CSA delivery route last Thursday afternoon- too many new and different things going on. Sorry to the folks I missed, and to Brian for having to clean up my mess. I hate making those kinds of avoidable mistakes.
The truck still isn’t fixed, not even sure what the issue is, though it’s very likely a serious engine gasket/seal that will cost at least a few thousand dollars to fix. We’re renting a truck again this week. I’ll be driving it down tonight. The silver lining in all this is that I’m learning lots about different trucks, and driving them. This may well set me up for a winter driving job that would have me doing expedited trips across the country to make a few extra dollars. I’ve always said that if I wasn’t a farmer, I’d be a truck driver. Most people don’t believe me, but I’ll probably be at least a part time driver of that nature this winter.
We have finally worked out our contract issues with Small Farm Central, the company we use to facilitate our online CSA ordering. After Thanksgiving, we’ll be ready to start working on the many details to get things up and running. We’re excited to finally offer customers a significant degree of choice. I’ve always said a CSA is not just a matter of giving people what they want, it’s also a matter of not giving them what they don’t want, and the new platform we’re adopting will allow for that. You’ll be able to choose a few things that will never be included in your box, and have them replaced with things you like better. Our availability and inventory, of course will dictate exactly how that plays out. There will be a learning curve for all of us. One can never predict all the scenarios and possibilities in advance. Trying out this new approach and working things out is the best we can do, and we’re very much looking forward to making it happen and improving your customer experience.
Oh yeah, we’re still doing actual farm work- harvesting carrots in the field and planting spinach in the hoops. 20 of 22 spinach hoops have been planted, and 26 of 32 carrots beds have been harvested. We harvested the last 2 fall hoops yesterday, Asian greens, making room to get the last 2 hoops of spinach planted. That will happen Friday. The 6 remaining beds of carrots in the field won’t get finished before the rain we’re supposed to get on Friday, but we should have an opportunity next Monday and/or Tuesday to finish. Everyone will be very happy to be done.
After that all we need to do is mulch the garlic in the field, and prepare to cover the hoops of spinach with row cover, to keep them warmer, so the spinach can grow a bit more, and to protect it from the temperature extremes that will be possible from late December through the end of February. As long as it stays fall-like, we won’t actually cover the spinach, but we will install the wire hoops that support the covers so they’re there when we need them.  

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