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Tomato Mountain Newsletter - Week 39 | Fall Week 9 + HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Posted 11/21/2017 6:26pm by Business Manager.
 11/20/2017 CSA NEWSLETTER
Whats in the box?! 
It’s Thanksgiving week. The weather feels just about right. It’s been cold and dry the past few weeks, keeping the ground frozen often, making it hard to dig the remainder of our carrots. There are always warm windows here and there. We’re using them to finish up the last 6 beds. We had hoped to have them finished by the time you read this, but I can see an orange Friday coming up the day after Thanksgiving. We’ll be harvesting carrots while the rest of the country is shopping. All in all, everything is on track. Most of the carrots have gone through several nights in the teens or lower 20’s. That cold treatment will give them excellent, sweet flavor and fantastic texture.
While we did a great job of allowing tomatoes to linger into October, and also of not planting too many fall hoop crops, we did drop the ball in one area- nailing the timing of our first plantings of fall/winter hoop spinach. Part of what hurt us there is that we’ve had below average temperatures the last month. November is the cloudiest month of the year. That has for sure happened, and with the colder temperatures, our hoop spinach hasn’t grown. Finding that perfect window can be difficult. The good news is that we’re getting, and are supposed to continue getting, a good deal of sunshine. The spinach will grow nicely.
It’s tricky, given weather variability, getting the timing of any planting right. It’s even harder at year’s end, when temperatures can drop off sharply. We had multiple 90 degree days at the end of September, and 75 degree days were common until October 21st. Then the bottom fell out. It’s not been much above 50 degrees since then. Things have been growing very slowly. Had we planted spinach on October 1st, that would have been perfect this year, but it would have been a bit too early most recent years when warmth lingered well into November. In the future, we’re going to shoot for the first week in October to plant our first 3-4 spinach hoops. We don’t want too much growth before it gets cold, but we do want the plants to get established and size up somewhat.
Due to the way calendar days falls a day of the week earlier each year, and the fact we didn’t notice this last January when we set the year up, we find ourselves with no CSA delivery planned the week before Christmas. That’s normally a big week for us and our customers. We don’t want to skip what is normally one of our favorite boxes of the year. We’re working on implementing a solution, one that will likely involve making the whole box an add on. That is probably the easiest way to administer payments and bookkeeping considerations. We hope everyone decides to opt in for that box. We promise it will be, as it always is, one of the best boxes of the year. Please let us know what you think.

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