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Now offering goat and sheep milk cheeses!

Posted 2/9/2018 10:10am by Business Manager.
Happy Friday everyone!
First- a reminder that mushroom orders must be in by the end of the day Saturday and all other orders must be placed by Tuesday at 12pm to be included in next week's delivery.
We're excited and proud to offer something we've been working on for some time now-  grass fed, goat and sheep milk cheeses from Felix Thalhamer of Capri Cheesery in Blue River, Wisconsin.
I've know Felix for over 10 years. Born in Switzerland, he's become one of my favorite farmers because of the dignity with which he treats his animals, and his uncompromising dedication to integrity and high quality products. His cheeses are hand made, in small batches, and second to none. 
1) Chevre-  Classic, soft, fresh, and slightly tangy spreadable goat cheese.          $8 for 1/3 pound container. 
2) Greek Feta- Sharp and tangy, made from sheep and goat milk.                         $8 for 6 oz piece. 
I'm addicted to this Feta and make tomato salads around it in the summer just because I've got the cheese in my refrigerator! Felix has agreed to cut consistent size pieces for us to facilitate our online store. 
Down the road we're thinking of offering Felix's Gouda and Goat Cheddar. Let us know what you think. Your feedback will help us decide.  
Chris, Tomato Mountain Farmer

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