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About our CSA

"CSA" stands for Community Supported Agriculture. If you're brand new to the concept of CSA, click here for a quick overview.
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Our CSA share is a weekly box of certified organic produce picked at our farm and delivered to your home (bi-weekly in Winter). It consists of a wide variety of vegetables.  While we are known for our luscious lettuce, super-sweet spinach, and of course our legendary tomatoes, everything we grow is of the highest quality.  

A few unique things about our CSA:
Home delivery
Our convenient home delivery saves you time, ensures that you get your vegetables in tip-top shape, and requires fewer vehicles on the road, as one car doing 20 deliveries takes fewer resources than 20 vehicles driving to and from a central pick-up site. We will unload the produce into your cooler, which keeps everything fresh and safe from critters. There's no need to be home for the delivery; we deliver to all sorts of residences--houses, doorman buildings, apartment buildings with locked gates and vestibules--and we can sort out delivery details with you before we set out.
Beginning with the 2018 Winter Season Tomato Mountain Farm has joined forces with Harvie, a new type of ordering interface. What Harvie does is allow you, the member, to have more control over what goes in the box. When you sign up for a Tomato Mountain CSA share through Harvie, you will complete a short survey, letting us know your preferences about different types of vegetables. If you hate beets, you will never see beets in your CSA share. The week that beets go in the CSA share, you will receive the equivalent value of a different vegetable, a vegetable that (through the survey) we know you want to see in your share. There will even be a window of time that you can customize your share (within the parameters of share value and what is available), giving you greater choice in your CSA share.
 Payment options
We have two basic member types: Annual and Season-to-Season. Our Annual members sign up in December and January and pay for the entire year, then sit back and receive boxes during each of our 43 delivery weeks. As a thank you for their commitment, Annual members receive one delivery at no cost.  We do recognize that an Annual CSA membership can be a significant investment. Annual members have the option of paying 25% at sign up, 25% at time of first delivery and the remaining 50% divided evenly and charged at the time of each delivery.    
Members signing up on a Season-to-Season basis join us for 12-week seasons (Spring and  Fall), our 13 week Summer season (expanded in 2018) or our 6-week Winter season (delivery every other week). Season-to-Season members can sign up for a single season or sign up for two consecutive seasons! Upon check out you will have the option of paying the full fee at once or the option of paying 25% at sign up, 25% at time of first delivery and the remaining 50% divided evenly and charged at the time of each delivery. At the end of each season you will receive a reminder email about the upcoming season.  
 Share Sizes
Tomato Mountain Farm offers four share sizes, so you can find the perfect size to match your household's needs.  Our CSA is divided into four seasons, because the farm grows vegetables throughout the four seasons of the year. Members receive the bounty of the seasons, frost sweetened spinach from the hoop houses in the dead of winter, spring turnips and greens, a wide variety of tomatoes and other vegetables in summer and squash from the fields in fall.
Season-to-Season members can easily change share size to reflect the household appetite   Beginning with the Winter season of 2018 members will be able to customize their share using Harvie, the ordering interface. Based on the parameters of availability and share value, members can exchange items scheduled for delivery that week. If you do not like eggplant, you will never see it in your share.  
Adding “Extras” to your Share
Each week you will be able to customize your share and you will also have the opportunity to purchase “Extras” that will be delivered with your weekly share.  “Extras” can be available produce from the farm. If there is not enough of a specific item to fill all the shares, we will make the item available for purchase, so those who especially enjoy it can add it to their delivery. Tomato Mountain Farm has a processing kitchen (with all the appropriate certifications) that produces salsa (five types), soup, pasta sauce, Bloody Mary Mix, tomato juice and whole roasted tomatoes. All products are made with produce grown on our farm, picked at the peak of ripeness. These items are available for purchase by the jar or the case.  
Over the years, Tomato Mountain Farm has developed relationships with other farms that have earned our respect for the high quality of their product. Tomato Mountain is happy to share these relationships with our members and offer high quality honey, maple syrup, sunflower oil, grass-fed cheeses, organic eggs, mushrooms and seasonal fruit. Some items, like blueberries, are available seasonally, others, like eggs, are offered year round.
Newsletters and Recipes
Tomato Mountain Farm sends a weekly email that will keep you informed about the contents of your share and happenings on the farm. The website has detailed information about crops grown on the Farm. There are also tips on vegetable storage and recipes. Our new ordering interface, Harvie, will provide recipes that reflect the contents of the weekly share.
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