Tomato Mountain Farm

Home Delivery Zones


Please check to see if you live in Zone C if you live in the outer area of Chicago, and click Zone C upon checking out. Zone C members incur an additional fee. Zone C is delineated by the Dark Green and the Dark Pink shaded areas of color on the map. Otherwise, please mark Zone A.



Wednesday (Yellow)

South of Foster, East of the Chicago River, North of Kinzie


Thursday (Orange)

South of Foster, East of Cicero, West of the Chicago River, North of I290/Eisenhower


Friday (Green)

North area of Chicagoland, shaded in green


Saturday (Pink)

South & West areas of Chicagoland shaded in pink



Why home delivery?

We focus on direct home delivery for several reasons: 

Our home delivery saves you time and effort, keeps produce in the best condition possible, and reduces the carbon footprint of produce delivery. It takes less energy and time for one person to deliver to 50 locations than it takes 50 people to drive to a pick up location. Nobody drives to pick up packages at UPS for a reason.

We deliver to all sorts of residences from houses to doorman buildings to apartments with locked gates and vestibules. Think of our delivery along the lines of the milkman of yesteryear. Upon arrival, we’ll leave your box wherever you want it, or better yet, repack your produce into a cooler you leave out for us (maintains freshness and keeps produce safe from critters). You do not need to be home for delivery. Just let us know your delivery details for any given situation!