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Home Delivery Zones

Determine the day, time, and charge for your delivery.

Our home delivery zones are updated for 2014.

This map outlines the delivery days, times, and rates for our home deliveries. Use the arrows and + sign to zoom in on your vicinity. Please contact us if you have any questions about where you fall on the map. Most standard deliveries will be made before 8am.

If you live within Zone A or Zone B, you have the option to receive primetime delivery on Tuesday evenings. While Zone B's morning deliveries will be made on Thursday, folks opting for primetime deliveries in Zone B will receive their shares on Tuesday evening.

View 2014 Zone Boundary Map in a larger map

♦  Zone A - $6/week for standard delivery
         ♦ Central Chicago, bounded by Peterson (N), Laramie (W), and I-55[S]
         ♦ Tuesday morning deliveries
         ♦ Option for primetime Tuesday evening delivery ($9/week).

♦  Zone B - $7/week for standard delivery
         ♦ Edges of Chicago and near burbs, including Hyde Park, Oak Park, most of Evanston. 
         ♦ Deliveries are on Thursday morning
         ♦ Option for primetime Tuesday evening delivery ($9/week)
         ♦ All primetime deliveries will be on Tuesday evening, even if your standard day is Thursday

♦   Zone C - $9/week for standard delivery
         ♦ All surrounding suburbs, out to our delivery boundaries. 
         ♦ Thursday morning deliveries only (no primetime delivery available)

This chart breaks down our delivery fees for multiple (full) seasons. Delivery fees will be prorated for partial seasons.  All this information is also in the sign-up area

 Zone   Winter only 
(6 weeks) 
 Any 1 12-wk 
 Any 2 12-wk 
3 12-wk
 Full Year 
  (42 weeks)   
PRIME $54 $108 $216 $324 $378
A $36 $72 $144 $216 $252
B $42 $84 $168  $252 $294
C $54 $108 $216  $324 $378



Why home delivery?

We focus on direct home delivery for several reasons: 

(1) one vehicle delivering 10 boxes has a smaller carbon footprint than 10 cars driving to the nearest drop-off and then home; 

(2) we know you're getting your produce in the best condition possible and you can store it in optimal conditions sooner; and 

(3) you won't have to remember the day and time for pickup, which results in less waste from unretrieved boxes. Your time has value - and you'll be freeing up more time with the convenience of home delivery. 

You can read a bit more about our thinking on this over at the FAQs.

Onward to the sign-up area!


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