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Crops & Varieties: Spinach

Spinach growing


Thick, sweet and flavorful, many say our spinach is the best they've ever had. Great for juicing, smoothies, and even, believe it or not, traditional spinach dishes.

Quick tips

Don’t use aluminum cookware for heating spinach, as spinach contains a compound that reacts with aluminum, making the spinach taste like metal.
Our hearty, thick spinach is great as a snack or for dipping in hummus or dressing.
Sweet cold-weather spinach tastes great in smoothies. Mix lots of spinach with a little milk and a fruit of your choice (both peaches and blueberries are great, but use almost any fruit). You might want to add some sugar or agave nectar to amplify the sweetness.
Toss spinach into almost anything just before taking it off the heat: soups, stir-fries, potato dishes, etc.
Replace basil with spinach for a delicious pesto.
Use large, raw spinach leaves as a wrap for burritos or with any other kind of stuffing as a sandwich.
Like most greens, wrap in a damp paper towel and store in partly-open (unsealed) plastic bag in your refrigerator’s produce drawer. For best flavor, use within a week; most of our spinach may keep longer than that if handled carefully.
Though the leaves are thick, they are prone to damage, so handle spinach carefully to prevent breaking and bruising.
To freeze, blanch spinach in boiling water for 1-2 minutes, shock in ice cold water, drain, and place into freezer-safe bags. It’s a good idea to place the bag flat on a tray while freezing to avoid ending up with a big, dense hunk of spinach.


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Preparation types & times

Blanching: 30-60 secs
Microwaving: 4-5 mins
Sauteing: 2-5 mins
Steaming: 3-5 mins depending on quantity
Stir Frying: 4-6 mins