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Crops & Varieties: Carrots

Quick tips

Don’t bother peeling carrots (or most vegetables); the skins are full of nutritional benefits. If a quick wash doesn't remove the dirt, give them a nice scrubbing with a towel or vegetable scrubber.

Raw carrots, as you may know, are delicious. Salads made with shredded raw carrots are tasty, easy and great to have in your fridge as a side staple (although carrot salad is often best served at room temperature).

Roasting and grilling are a fantastic way to bring out the natural sugars lying in carrots. Toss whole carrots on the grill or in a roasting pan and brush with olive oil. Braising or glazing can also concentrate the sweetness and flavor. Boiling carrots is not ideal since the flavorful liquid leaches out into the water. Braising works since the carrots are cooked in liquid that is served in the dish. In glazing, after braising or sautéing with a minimal amount of liquid, the tender carrot is coated with a seasoned caramel-y finish.


Store unwashed in perforated or produce bags in the coldest part of the fridge or the crisper drawer. While carrots can last a while, it’s best to use them within about three weeks. Wash only when about to use them. If you need to prep them ahead of time, peeled or scrubbed carrots should wrapped in a damp towel so that they don’t oxidize. Don’t store near apples or pears, as they emit gases that turn the carrots from sweet to bitter.

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Preparation types and times

Blanching: 4-6 mins
Boiling 12-18 mins for 1” chunks
Grilling: 10-12 mins
Microwaving: 8 mins for 1 lb of chunks
Roasting: 20-30 mins at 375-450°
Sauteing: 7-10 mins
Steaming: 8-10 mins
Stir Frying: 4-7 mins