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Crops & Varieties: Potatoes

Quick Tips
As with many crops, you don't actually have to peel potatoes, despite what years of kitchen lessons may have taught you. Potato skins are full of nutrients and should only be removed if you're doing something particularly fancy, like making potato flour or if you want a perfect white gnocchi.
There are a million ways to make a potato. Our handy little chart here actually gives a pretty good breakdown of what to do:
Preparation types and times
Baking: 60-75 mins at 350-375° or 45-60 mins at 375°
Boiling: 10-18 mins for cubes & chunks; 15-20 mins for small (whole); 20-25 mins for med (whole)
Braising: 20-30 mins for chunks & slices
Grilling: 12-25 mins for slices; 60-90 mins for whole (foil wrapped)
Roasting: 15 mins for cubes at 450-475°
Steaming: 15-25 mins for new potatoes; 25 mins for floury chunks; 25 mins for waxy small (whole) & 35-45 mins for waxy med (whole)
Inspect potatoes for any damage: spots where skin is peeled away or where the potato is slightly soft means that they won't store well long-term. Put these potatoes in your crisper drawer and use within two weeks.
Store undamaged potatoes in a dry, cool, dark place. Sticking them in the fridge isn't needed, but doesn't necessarily do them any harm. Check potatoes occasionally to ensure they aren't trying to grow too much! When stored in ideal conditions, potatoes can last for months.
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