Tomato Mountain Farm

Recipe: CSA Stir-Fry

from Maggie Plog

Get out your wok or biggest frying pan, a good knife, and your CSA veggies to stir up an easy and wonderful supper—we call it a CSA Stir-Fry. Pretty much anything you get in your box on a particular week will work...except maybe the strawberries! Here's how to prepare one in the early season:

First, chop up one bunch kale and one head bok choi into half inch strips moving from the top to the bottom. Separate the crunchy stems of both into a different pile. Chop up a small onion, scallions, or a few shallots and add it to the pile with the stems.

Heat up the wok or frying pan with a little bit of oil and throw in the onion and stems with some of sea salt. Stir this often as you are chopping up the rest.

Next chop up a half pound or more of spinach with or with out the stems into similar size pieces as the kale and bok choi. When you have turnip or radish greens, feel free to add them as well. Chop up roughly four or five turnips into half-circle slices. Leaving the slices just a little bit thicker allows them to retain a little bit of crunch reminiscent of water chestnuts.

Now add the remaining kale, bok choi, spinach and turnips to the stir-fry. The timing seems to be just perfect once you finish chopping. Cover the mixture in soy-sauce to taste and add a little fresh ground black pepper. Feel free to add any of your favorite spices at this point. I tend to prefer to let the natural taste of the veggies stand out. The greens and turnips only need a few minutes in the pan with occasional stirring. Turn off the heat as soon as the greens have wilted.

For some protein, we like to add tofu or egg. If adding tofu, chop up as much as you prefer into half inch cubes and add it to the pan with some oil, soy sauce, and black pepper a few minutes before the onion and stems to allow it to brown slightly.

When adding egg, first scramble three or four in a bowl. Once the greens have wilted a little, make a nest with the veggies around the outside of the pan so the center is exposed. Pour the egg mixture in the middle and let it create a film on the bottom. Scrape the liquid egg away from the veggies towards the center until all the egg is cooked. Then stir all the ingredients together. You should have little pieces of scrambled egg throughout your stir-fry.

Serve with some noodles or rice and you have yourself a delicious supper!