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Crops & Varieties: Cauliflower


Quick Tips:

Cauliflower is pure potential. If you think you don't like it, try preparing it in some of the ways presented here.

In raw form, use on a platter of crudités or as a vehicle for your favorite dip. 

Cooked cauliflower can become a wide array of forms (see recipes below). Try cutting inch-thick "steaks" and roasting them with some olive oil and salt (recipe here), turning cauliflower into a replacement for couscous or rice or even a hearty soup.

Steamed/boiled and mashed cauliflower makes a great replacement for mashed potatoes that is much less starchy. 


Like broccoli, store cauliflower in a plastic bag, but don't close the bag all the way—it needs a little air to stay fresh.

Wash only when ready to use.


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Preparation types & times:

Blanching:   3-6 mins
Boiling:   5-7 mins
Braising:   20-30 mins
Microwaving:   7 mins for 1 lb
Roasting:   15-20 mins at 450-500°
Sauteing:   8-12 mins
Steaming:   8-15 mins