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Please note that the prices listed here are for the produce only; we separate out our delivery fees to remain transparent about our costs. Click here to find your delivery zone rate.

Photos below show the relative sizes; these photos are from Week 16 during our Mid Season and contain: basil, carrots, eggplant, onions, garlic, purslane, green peppers, roma tomatoes, small-fruit tomatoes.  Click on images below to enlarge. When you've chosen a size click here to take a look at our seasons.

Note: SOLO share is not available during the Winter season.

Solo Share | $14/week
Solo Share | $14/week

1-2 adults

A "true" individual-sized share. A good size for most individuals or two light eaters.  About 2/3 the size of the Small share. (Photo from Week 16, July 30, 2012)

Small Share | $20/week
Small Share | $20/week

1-3 adults

Great for couples or small households. A single vegetarian might find it the right size as well. (Photo from July 30, 2012)

Medium Share | $30/week
Medium Share | $30/week

2-4 adults

This will be a good size for a veggie-loving couple or small family. (Photo from July 30, 2012.)

Large Share | $45/week
Large Share | $45/week

3-6 adults

For larger families and households or for sharing by two households. (Photo from July 30, 2012)

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