Tomato Mountain Farm

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Whether it's produce from our farm, or dairy and pantry items from farmers we trust, we take pride in providing the most fresh, nutritious, local, sustainably grown and harvested additions to your box available. 

1lb ($3.00)
2lbs ($5.00)
1 dozen ($6.75)
2 dozen ($11.00)
Grains: Old Fashioned Rolled Oats
1lb ($8.50)
  2lb (Sold Out)
Grains: Polenta (Cornmeal)
1lb ($7.00)
2lb ($13.00)
Grains: Yellow Popcorn
1/2lb ($4.00)
1lb ($8.00)
  1lb (Sold Out)
  2lb (Sold Out)
Mushrooms: Crimini
  1lb (Sold Out)
  1/2lb (Sold Out)
Mushrooms: Shiitake
  1lb (Sold Out)
  1/2lb (Sold Out)

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