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Cheese from J2K Capraio

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We are in love with J2K cheeses and the people behind J2K. They are basically the best humans ever and their cheeses are like nothing you've ever had, you’ll probably eat the whole thing in one sitting without a second thought.

J2K CAPRAIO is a Farmstead Dairy and Artisan Creamery located in Walkerton, IN. The Klinedinsts have owned goats for many years but their dream of an on-farm cheesemaking adventure began in 2008.  In an effort to become self-sufficient and to use and share the goodness of their goats the couple took a leap of faith.  It took about 3 years to make the dream a reality and now they have been crafting cheese for eight seasons and have never looked back.  J2K CAPRAIO's artisan cheese making operation is entirely done by hand; they raise the goats, milk the goats, handcraft the cheese, and sell the cheese.

The creamery also buys organic cow milk from another family farm in their small town to make corresponding cow milk cheese in every variety offered.  J2K CAPRAIO strives to support and bring awareness to the community by offering quality seasonal products, supporting neighbors, sharing their experience, educating customers, and promoting their industry.  The J2K family consists of Josiah & Jody Klinedinst (J2K) and their children Sofia (17), Joey (15), Frances (10), & Nicolas (3) all of whom you will see at the market and play a critical role in the success of their family operation!

"Once you get to know our family you’ll understand our methods, appreciate the effort put forth, and Taste the Experience!" Jody says.

*Ripened cheeses and cave-aged cheeses are approximate weights, might be a little under or a little over.




Producer: J2K Capraio
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J2K Capraio BlankSlate (cow milk tomme semi firm cream raw cow milk cheese), 1/3lb ($8.00)
J2K Capraio Walkertomme (goat and cow milk semi firm, raw milk cheese), 1/3lb ($8.00)
J2K Capraio BlueGold (cave aged blue), 1/3lb ($8.00)
Frosty Cremosa (ripened cow milk with vegetable ash), about 1/4lb ($12.00)
Frosty Echo (ripened goat milk with vegetable ash), about 1/4lb ($12.00)
Old French Feta, 8oz ($8.00)
Farmhouse Feta, 8oz ($8.00)
Chèvre, 8oz ($8.00)

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