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McCluskey Bros Maple Syrup

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Certified Organic Maple Syrup? You bet! Located an hour and half's drive northwest of our farm, the McCluskey Brothers and family have been farming their land at Shillelagh Glen Farms for 125 years, so there's a long tradition of delicious maple syrup behind (and ahead of) them.

Though the McCluskeys sell their syrup in stores and at some farmers markets (like Dane County Farmers Market on the Capitol Square in Madison) in fancy labeled pourable jars with a loop handle, these quarts are bottled in simple Ball jars which enables us to bring you this delicious organic syrup at a manageable price.  For some great recipe ideas using their maple syrup, check out their blog.

Comes in a 16oz jar. Refrigerate after opening.

Producer: McCluskey Bros, Hillpoint, WI - Certified Organic
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