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We offer locally produced items from Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois farms and producers we know and trust. We'll add to this list as our capacity permits, based on demand, availability, perishability, and quality. Order here to add these items to your CSA delivery.

Note that, like our jars, all of the nonperishable items in jars are offered in BPA-free glass jars. You're welcome to contact these producers directly if you have questions. 

The certified organic eggs are available by the dozen (or multiples) here or, if you prefer, you can sign up for an Egg Share to receive a "standing order" of one dozen per week (or Double Egg Share for two dozen) with your CSA delivery.  Go to Manage Your Account for signup information.

Please place all add-on orders for the week by Noon on Tuesdayif your order comes in after that, we may have to wait until the following week's delivery to get it to you.

Please log in below to access this store. Authenticated members of these groups can access this store:

  • Zone B - 2019 Season
  • Zone A - 2019 Season
  • Primetime - 2019 Season
  • Zone C - 2019 Season
  • PT1 - 2019 Season
  • PT2 - 2019 Season
  • TH1 - 2019 Season
  • TH2 - 2019 Season
  • TH3 - 2019 Season
  • TH4 - 2019 Season
  • TH5 - 2019 Season
  • FR1 - 2019 Season
  • FR5 - 2019 Season
  • FR4 - 2019 Season
  • FR3 - 2019 Season
  • FR2 - 2019 Season
  • PT3 - 2019 Season

Fully-paid members who purchased these share types can access this store:

  • Sustaining Memberships (2019 Season)
  • Sustaining Membership Egg Shares (2019 Season)
  • Winter Season (2019 Season)
  • Winter Season Special Delivery Options (2019 Season)
  • Winter Season Egg Share (2019 Season)
  • Full Year (2019 Season)
  • Full Year Special Delivery Options (2019 Season)
  • Full Year Egg Share (2019 Season)
  • Sustaining Membership Special Delivery Options (2019 Season)
  • Spring Season Special Delivery Options (2019 Season)
  • Spring Season Egg Share Options (2019 Season)
  • Spring Season (2019 Season)
  • Summer Season (2019 Season)
  • Summer Season Special Delivery Options (2019 Season)
  • Summer Season Egg Share Options (2019 Season)
  • Fall Season (2019 Season)
  • Fall Season Special Delivery Options (2019 Season)
  • Fall Season Egg Share Options (2019 Season)

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