Tomato Mountain Farm

Terms & Conditions


If you need to travel, please give us at least 2 weeks notice. We will happily refund 95% of the weekly cost of your box so to cover our maintenance and processing fees.

On a short notice, if you need to cancel your box we will happily donate your share to an nearby pantry. Nakarria, our delivery manager, takes everything leftover to a handful of shelters. We cannot provide refunds for missed weeks on short notices. An easy solution is to have the box delivered as usual and have a friend pick it up from your home.

Get to know our delivery schedule: Here is the delivery calendar for 2019

Return the wax boxes each week, pint/quart containers when used, and unlabeled jars (with lids to keep the rims intact). You are urged to reuse or recycle plastic bags, labeled jars, and egg cartons.

Leave out a cooler if possible: it protects the veggies from excess heat and cold, keeps them safe from critters, and allows your driver to empty your box and return it to the farm.

Read our CSA newsletters!  On Monday there is a short note stating what you can expect in the share that week. There will be a recipe using produce from that weeks share. There will also be a reminder of what items are available for purchase as extra items to be delivered with your share. On Wednesday the newsletter is sent out with news from the farm and any important announcements regarding deliveries, crops, etc.

Arrange payment: This seems obvious, but it's important! If your account falls into arrears, we will make multiple attempts to contact you before we stop making deliveries, though we reserve the right to stop delivery immediately upon determining that you are behind on payments.

Wash all produce before eating and put frozen items in the freezer as soon as possible. We take the safety of your food and the health of your family/household seriously.

Recognize that farming is an inexact science and is subject to seasonal transitions, vagaries of weather and insect pressure.  

Recognize our need to remain financially sustainable: Most of what we grow goes to our CSA, but we also rely on farmers market sales to help make ends meet.  There are times when there is not enough of a product to put in all the shares, so you may only see that item at the farmer’s market or as an extra (add on).

Please be in touch right away if you have any problems: If your share didn't show up, an item was in bad condition or missing, or you have general complaints, let us know right away. We'll do our best to address the problem immediately.

We understand if you need to cancel. Just send us an email and we'll take care of it.